Adam, - Rodin

Afriel, Angel of Youth

Ajax Bust

Alexis Head, Large

American Lion

Angel and Tobias

Angel Birdfeeder

Angel, Male Nude

Angel of Love

Angel Sconce

Angels, Adoration Pair Kneeling

Angels, Two, Relief

Aphrodite of Melos

Apollo Bust, Large

Apollo and Muses

Apollo of the Hunt with Dog

Arch, Victorian

Attacking Eagle

Atlas Holding the World

Atlas Holding Globe


Australopithecus Skull


Bacchus, Large, Fiberglass

Bacchus, Epic Wall

Bacchus of Pisa

Bach, Johann Sebastian

Bach Bust, Large


Bear, Booklover

Beethoven Bust, Large

Beethoven Standing

Belfast Four Figures

Bias of Priene

Birth of Venus

Blasting Horns

Bocca Pedestal

Boy with Thorn

Boys with Drums

Bracket, Florentine

Bracket, Victorian Shelf

Brahms Bust

Buddha, Colossal, 6 ft. Tall

Buffalo, Bronze

Buffalo Cranium

Bull and Bear

Bull, Mexican


Bulldog, English Bronze

Bulldog, Large

Cantoria, Della Robbia


Castle Guard Lion

Cat, Big, Reclining

Cat, Big, Stalking

Cathedral Pedestal

Cecilia, Saint

Chariot of Fire Relief

Chariot, Roman

Cherub Wall, Spring

Cherub Wall, Summer

Cherub Wall, Fall

Cherub Wall, Winter

Cherubs of Spring

Children Reading

Clytie (Antonia

Corinthian Square Planter


Cowboy Fighting

Cowboy Holding Guns

Cowboy with Rifle

Cranium, Trephined

Crest, Knickerbocker

Cupid with Butterfly


Dance, Spirit of the

Dancing Faun

Day andNight

David, Head of, Large

David - Mercie

Dedo Gargoyle

Detail Over Door

Diane Robing

Diomedes and Hercules

Discobolos Standing

Discus Thrower

Display Cases for Pedestals

Dogwood Plaque

Dolphin, Green

Dolphin Seaworld Coffee Table

Dying Gaul

Dying Lioness

Eagle, Large

Egyptian Artifact Mask

Egyptian Tomb Guard

Einstein, Albert

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Emperor Plaque

Eternal Idol

Eternal Springtime - Rodin

Fish, Yellow angel

Fish, Trout

Florentine Man Plaque

Fountain, Donatello Lion Wall

Franklin, Benjamin

Frog, Yoga

Garden Armillary

Garland English Pedestal

German Shepherd, Life Size

Giuseppe Verdi

Givery Pedestal

Gnomes, Three Garden

Grant, Ulysses S.

Gray Wolf

Greek Horseman

Greyhound Racing Dog

Griffin, Caesar's

Grizzly Bear Skull

Hand of God - Rodin

Hawk, Sparrow


Hercules Bust

Hercules Farnese

Hercules and Diomedes

Hercules with Lion Skin

Homer Bust, Large

Homo Erectus

Homo habilis


Horse Head, Against Wind

Horse Head by Donatello

Horseman Relief

Horses, Two Running

Horses Wild Relief

Human Male Skull

Illuminated Pedestal

Indian, Nez Perce

Indian Praying

Indian with Eagle

Jefferson, Thomas

King, Martin Luther

Kiss, The - Rodin 10"

Knights of the Round Table

La Cathedrale Bronze

La Danaide

Lady Justice

Last Supper Relief

Lee, Robert E.

Lincoln Bust, 12" H

Lincoln Bust, 18" H

Lincoln Bust, 34" H

Lion, American

Lion, Art Institute

Lion Awakening

Lion, Castle Guard

Lion Crest Plaque

Lion Sitting w/ Pride

Louis Pasteur

Love and Psyche

Madonna and Child

Mask of Tutankhamun Gold

Masks, Chinese

Mazzai Crystal Masq

Mexican Bull

Meyer Lemon Tree Panel

Michelangelo Bust

Mona Lisa

Moses, Bust of

Moses, Large

Mountain Lion

Napoleon Bust CC Bronze

Neandertal Skull

Neptune Mask, Frigid Cold

Nez Perce Indian Chief

Night and Day

Nine Muses Pedestal

On Looking Woman

Opera Ceiling Medallion

Oxford, Faces of

Parthenon Horsemen

Pasteur, Louis

Peace, Angel of

Pedestal 27-1/2" Copper

Pedestal 31-1/2" Ornate, Copper

Pedestal 31" Brass

Pedestal 36

Pedestals, Black, Floor

Pedestals, Black, Tabletop

Pedestals, Classic

Pedestal, Illuminated

Pedestal, Pewter

Pedestal, Table Top lIlum.

Peresus and Pegasus

Pharoah Mask

Pieta  Michelangelo

Pieta, Daprato

Rabbit, Booklover

Rape of the Sabines

Roman Chariot

Roman Chariot II

Roman Lion

Roosevelt, Theodore Bust

Round Relief

Saber Tooth Cat

Saint Cecilia

Saint Louis

Samurai in Kimono

Scales of Justice II

Scroll Work Frame

Schubert, Franz

Seals, Baby, Crystal

Seven Greeks


Skull, Dragon Tattoo

Skull, Human Male

Skull, Human Female

Skull, Buffalo

Slave Bust


Socrates Seated


Sphinx, Medium

Sphinx, Large

Sphinx, Colossal

Sun Wall Plaques

Tabletop Pedestal, Illum.

Theater Decoration

Thinker, The, Life Size

Thinker, The, 12"

Thinker, The, Garden

Thorn, Boy with

Three Graces - Small

Three Graces 28"

Three Graces Relief

Triumphal Entry Relief

Trophy, Contemporary

Tobias and the Angel

Torsos, Nude Male & Female


Tracery, Oak Leaf

Tutankhamun Bust

Tutankhamun, Fiberglas

Twain, Mark

Twisted Rose Pedestal

Two Horsmen

Urn Carriers Relief

Venus de Milo

Venus Rising

Verdi, Giuseppe

Viking Warrior

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo


Warriors and Slaves Relief

Washington, George, Lg.

Washington, George, Sm.

Winged Maat with Feather

Winged Victory, 72"

Winged Victory, 13" & 11"

Wolf, Bronze

Wolf, Gray, Life Size

Wolves, Pair of, Crystal

Wrestlers, The 

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