The Wrestlers     (1st century B.C.) Uffize Gallery, Florence
    by A. Santini and G. Ruggeri from ISAC Statue, Italy
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The Wrestlers view # 2
Sculptor Amilcare Santini 1910 - 1975
In 1958 with his son Nedo, 23 years old, he decided to begin the production of statues in imitation alabaster and, some months later, the production of statue in alabaster powder and oxolyte under the name of ISAC


The Wrestlers


Bonded Marble

 White - as Shown

4"H x 4 "W

ISAC - Italy
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The Wrestlers clearly demonstrates how far the technique of Greek sculpture had advanced in its depiction of the human body. Five hundred years before, sculptors displayed the human figure with hips and shoulders aligned, body planes accentuated, and one foot advanced. The creator of this dynamic work chose a moment in an athletic contest when intense muscle strain is about to begin. The intertwining legs and convolution of the bodies draw the eye around the figures in anticipation of movement that seems at any moment to commence.