Michelangelo, Sculptor

 18" H x 8" W x 8" D
Fiberglass with Antique Stone Finish
$120 (less Internet
discount of $22) = $98

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Michelangelo, Sculptor Bust
Michelangelo was a small man, perhaps not more than 5' 2" in height and weighing not much more than a muscular 100 pounds. In 1550 Blaise de Vigniere, visiting from France, wrote, "I saw Michelangelo at work. He had passed his 60th year and although he was not very strong, yet in a quarter of an hour he caused more splinters to fall from a very hard block of marble than three young masons in three or four times as long. No one can believe it who has not seen it with his own eyes. With one blow he brought down fragments three or four fingers in breadth, so exactly at the point that if a little more marble had fallen, it would have risked spoiling the whole piece."