Idole Eternelle
(The Eternal Idol) by Rodin - Musee Rodin, Paris

   Eternal Idol  11" H
Bonded White Marble on Marble Base
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This statue takes its place with The Kiss and Eternal Springtime as the best known of the amorous statues fashioned by Rodin. Perhaps, because the original conception of The Gates of Hell was to depict the punishment of The Inferno, Rodin's loving couples prior to this time were united under a curse of sinfulness. The three more popular statues came from the period when his life was associated with that of Camille Claudel. The coincidence probably brought about the transformation in style. Rodin once said, "All that I have lived and loved I have made in my art." His affair with the sculptress Camille Claludel was certainly both physical and spiritual. Do these statues represent his discovery of those dual aspects of love? The statue was cast in plaster in 1889. Rilke, biographer and one time secretary to the sculptor, wrote, "A girl on her knees, bends her beautiful body backward. One does not dare to give it a meaning. It has a thousand meanings."