Homer Bust - Large

Homer Bust - Large

 Homer Bust - Large

26" H x 15" W x 14" D
Heavy Fiberglass with
Antique Stone Finish

$230 (less Internet
discount of $40) = $190

(freight $38)


"A decent boldness ever meets with friends."  Homer (750 -???BC)
Homer, author of the ancient Iliad and Odyssey, is revered as one of the greatest of all poets. Those who have the knowledge to read the original Greek lines find in them simple but elegant beauty, strength and directness of style, lofty flight of musical sound set forth in hexameter rhythm. Those who read the poems in translation find in them compelling stories, imaginative poetry, heroic character, stirring battle scenes and fanciful adventure. They appeal to people of all ages. By tradition Homer is depicted as a blind old man, a kind of minstrel who wandered from place to place reciting his poems. That tradition is the basis for his Roman copy of a marble Hellenistic portrait made centuries after his lifetime. Who was the real Homer? His true identity is lost in the mists of time. The ancient historian Herodotus recorded that he was an Asiatic Greek who lived about 830 B.C. Some say that he was an Ionian Greek who lived on the island of Chios two centuries later. Still others believe that the writing may not have been done by a single author but by a group of poets and minstrels who composed and recorded legends of The Trojan Wars. At least one thing seems certain, the poems were handed down from memory and written at a much later date, since there is little evidence that the Greek language was written at so early a time. It is an intriguing mystery but it seems of little importance compared with the magnificence of the poems themselves which are among the greatest epics ever written.