Giuseppe Verdi  -  from the studio of Egregia, Volterra, Italy
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Giuseppe Verdi

Arnaldo Egregia

Bonded Cararra Marble

 White - As Shown


Egregia - Italy
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These sculptures are made following the workmanship handed down during the time of the able Tuscan artisans, practised in reproduction of classic sculptures Each piece is entirely hand-finished.  Egregia produces the very finest bonded marble figures available from Italy.

Arnaldo's son Alfo working in the Egregia studio.

Imported from Egregia in the city of Volterra, Italy. Tuscany, is of considerable historic and
cultural interest, and famous for the manufacture of bonded marble and alabaster. The artisans of Egregia have been producing these fine examples of Italian art for over 40 years.

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