Fedelino - Boy with Thorn (1st century B.C.) Sometimes called Spinario
The original can be found at the Palazzo dei Conservatiori in Rome
A. Santini and G. Ruggeri from ISAC Statue, Italy
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Boy with Thorn


Cast heavy Fiberglass

 White - As Shown

 33"H x22"Wx22"D

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Fedelino - Boy with Thorn - Life Size
The Hellenistic interest in realistic treatment of the more commonplace events of man is to be seen in this delicate and sympathetic work. The statue is also known as Spinario, or Boy Plucking a Thorn from the Foot. It was first named Fedele (Faithful) because it was thought that it was a portrait of Marcius, a Roman messenger who would not delay his mission even though he was painfully tortured by a thorn in his foot. The statue stands in the center of a room in the Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome. A copy is also to be found in the Uffize gallery in Florence.