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 Cantoria - Boys with Drums

20" H x 18-1/2" W x 3" D
Antique Stone Finish -- Fiberglas

$185 (less Internet
discount of $30) =


(freight $22)

This is one of the ten Cantoria Friezes
in the Museum of Santa Maria del Fiore
in Florence, Italy.

No ordinary piece of sculpture, the Cantoria is a reproduction of part of a work by the Italian Renaissance sculptor Luca Della Robbia (1400- 1482). The original, entitled "Cantoria", was carved in Florence, Italy, between 1431 and 1439. It may still be seen in that city, where it was created to decorate the choir loft (or "cantoria") of the Cathedral there. It remains one of Della Robbia's most famous works. The material used here is fiberglass; the original in Florence was carved in marble.

The original "Cantoria" is housed today in Florence's Museo dell' Opera del Duomo (having been removed from the Cathedral in 1688 to accommodate renovations for the wedding of Ferdinando di Medici). It contains a few more panels than are represented here, plus the carved text in Latin of Psalm 150, which provided the original inspiration for the work.

Follow this link to view all ten of the panels. The photos were taken of a plaster set of pannels installed in Lewis and Clark Highschool in Spokane, Washington. All panels are the same height, but vary in width. All of the following pannels are available, but these are the only pictures we have that show the content.
1-Voices 2- Blasting Horns 3- Harps 4- Strings 5- Drums 6- Singers 7- Dancers 8-Instruments 9-Tamborines 10- Cymbals
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Cantoria - Boys with Drums -- close-up