We have been building museum quality pedestals for individuals, galleries, and corporate customers for over ten years. We give you the quality you require for your priceless art objects or artifacts. Over 1000 sold to date.

 Museum Quality Pedestals
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We believe that the purpose of most art pedestals is to become invisible in the mind of the viewer, as the focus is on the artwork, not upon the pedestal. However the pedestal must reflect the class and value of the art it presents.
Three Matte Black Pedestals, 42", 36" and 30" high with artwork sitting on themColor Samples of Wood Laminate Finishes

 Illuminated Pedestals
 Top of an Illuminated pedestal with a crystal and silver vase  sitting upon it
The diffusion panel has UV absorbers to prevent yellowing with age. Note that the panel is recessed... Not an ugly sheet laying on the top surface and sending light horizontally instead of vertically.

Three standard matte black pedestals,l 42", 36" and 30" high
Heavy Duty Pedestals made of 1/2" thick MDF board with rugged sheet matte black finish. Tight joints give the appearance of a solid. Easily will handle items over 100 lbs. Manufactured in the USA, these top quality pedestals are the best that you can buy!

 Montana Walnut       Amber Cherry           Solar Oak             Fusion Maple
Wood Laminate Finishes
We stock both the plain and illuminated pedestals in Matte Black only. The above four wood-grain finishes are available on the 11-1/2" x 11-1/2" pedestals. for an additional $20 per pedestal on a custom order basis. Please allow two weeks for production if you want to order these finishes instead of standard Matte Black.
Illuminated Matte Black Pedestals
30" or 36" or 42" High with 11-1/2" Square Top Matte Black Laminate Finish Illuminated Top Surface
$381 (less Internet discount of $58) =
Matte Black Pedestals - 30" H 36" H or 42" High with 11-1/2" x 11-1/2" Square Top  $317 (less Internet discount of $53) = $264

We stock both the matte black and illuminated matte black pedestals in 42", 36" or 30" height for immediate shipment.
No need to wait 2 weeks for your order to be built!
Illuminated pedestal top with crystal wolves sitting upon it

Gold Eagle sculpture sitting on a black turn table top on top of a matte black pedestal

Rocker Switch installed in a matte black pedestal
Your Illuminated Pedestal has a built in black rocker switch. No need to crawl on the floor looking for an in-line switch. There is NO Additional $25 Charge

Crystal and Silver Vase sitting upon a n illuminated turn table top on an illuminated pedestal
Each Illuminated pedestal (including the 6" Tabletop Pedestals below) ships
at no additional cost to you with:
Presure sensitive Black Vinyl Light Mask Trace around the base of your art and then use an exacto knife or razor blade to cut that area out. Remove the mask from the silicone release paper and apply it to the top of your pedestal so that light will only pass through your art.
Two flourescent bulbs so that you have a spare for back-up
A manual Turntable Top is available for the Matte Black Pedestals. The metal turntable comes with a 13" diameter black acrylic disk that is 3/16" thick. The turntable is not attached to the pedestal. Add $34 to the price of the pedestal and we will include it at no additional shipping harge.  A manual Turntable Top is available. This is a heavy duty turntable made of aluminum with ball bearings. It has a 10-3/8" diameter opening that allows light through the top. It comes with a 13" Diameter x 3/16" thick translucent disk and rubber feet. The turntable is not attached to the pedestal, it simply sits on top of the standard illuminated pedestal.
$57 to the pedestal price and we will include it at no additional shipping cost.

View # 1 of an acrylic tabletop peddestal with a crystal flower sitting on it

Illuminated Tabletop Pedestal
11-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 6"

Acrylic panels fused together with a notch
for your power cord. 20 Watt spiral
fluorescent bulb (equivalent to 75 Watt
Incandescent) and socket and cord. Plus
a white ceramic plate to lay it in. Just sit
the Table top Illuminated Pedestal over
the light laying in the plate.

$120 (less Internet Discount of $16) =


Shipping $16
View # 2 of a 6" high acrylic illuminated pedestal 

Black Marble
Tabletop Pedestal

Same matte black construction as the 30", 36" and 42" except with a polished black Marble top.

$62 (less Internet Discount of $13) =

Shipping $18

Sculpture sitting upon a black marble and wood six inch high pedestal
Custom or Quantity Orders Please do not hesitate to call us on our toll-free line: 800-573-4079 if you are interested in a price quotation for quantity price breaks, or if you are interested in a quote for custom built pedestals for your show, your business or your organization.. Over the years we have had numerous questions about the special situations that buyers may have. Such as, "What about earthquake protectiion for my priceless art?" Call us if you want to discuss concerns such as this. 800-573-4079 NEW Security Alarm System We now are making available for only $54.00 an alarm system that is activated by the release of a pressure sensitive switch that is mounted in the center of the top of the pedestal. If your art object is picked-up the alarm will sound. Great for galleries to deal with shoplifting or unauthorized handling of the art.

A one foot cube acrylic museum case on top of a pedestal with art inside

Built by Craftsmen Our Pedestals are built in Spokane, Washington by a firm that has been a major player in the commercial cabinetry business for over fifty years. The pedestals are built from materials and with equipment similar to that shown above. These skilled workmen have made their life's work building quality fixtures for commercial buildings.

Packaging We spend time and money packaging these pedestals for safe shipping. They will be in tight fitting cartons with one inch of styrofoam on four sides and two inches on the top and bottom. Also, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, ship your order back to us within five business days, packed as recieved, and when it arrives here in undamaged as new condition we will refund your purchase price.

The Illuminated Pedestals are painted white inside for maximum reflectivity. All components are of heavy duty housebuilder grade.

Proper presentation of your quality art or collectibles is so important... A work of art cannot properly fulfill its aesthetic function on a cheap, flimsy or ugly pedestal.

Yes, you may find a cheaper illuminated pedestal on the internet, but the question is...
Is that really what you want?
Deluxe Museum Display Cases for Pedestals
11-3/4" Cube
- Clear Acrylic with Black lower frame to set down over a 11-1/2" x 11-1/2" Pedestal top
$198 (less Internet discount of $30) =
$168 - (freight $14 )

11-3/4" x 23-1/2" H (Same as above except twice as tall) Clear Acrylic with Black lower frame to set down over a 11-1/2" x 11-1/2" Pedestal top
$258 (less Internet discount of $40) =
$218 - (freight $24 )
 Pricing and Shipping Recap:

1. Stock Matte Black Pedestals
    11.5" x 11.5" x 30"H or 36" H or 42" H
$317 (less Internet discount of $53) =          $264  
Stock Matte Black Illuminated Pedestals
    Rocker Switch, Vinyl Light Mask and Two Flourescent Bulbs included
    11.5" x 11.5" x 30"H or 36" H or 42" H
$317 (less Internet discount of $53) =            323
    Add for Shipping UPS Ground (48 States) per above pedestal, any size:
                                                                                 Pacific or Mountain Time Zone              32
                                                                                 Central Time Zone                                   42
                                                                                 Eastern Time Zone                                  52

3. Black Marble Table Top Pedestal
    12" x 12" x 6" H     $62 (less Internet discount of $13) =                                                 49
    Add for Shipping UPS Ground (48 States) (It's heavy)                                                   18

4. Fused Acrylic Illuminated Table top Pedestal
    11-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 6" H   $120 (less Internet discount of $16) =                                 104
   Add for Shipping UPS Ground (48 States)                                                                       16

5. Black manual Turntable Top
    13" Diameter                                                                                                                       34
6. Illuminated manual Pedestal Turntable Top 13" Diameter                                             57

7. Deluxe Museum Display Case
    11-3/4" Cube $198 (less Internet Discount of $30) =                                                    168
    Add for Shipping UPS Ground (48 States)                                                                      14

8. Deluxe Museum Display lCase
   11-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 23-1/2" H (Sits down over top of pedestal)
     $258 (less Internet discount of $40) =                                                                             218
     Add for Shipping UPS Ground (48 States)                                                                      24

9. Security Alarm System                                                                                                        54

You can easily place your order by calling us on our toll-free line: 800-573-4079
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