Egyptian King Tut Bust
(14th century B.C.) - National Museum, Cairo

Egyptian King Tut Bust - Top ViewEgyptian King Tut Bust - Back View

Egyptian King Tut Bust - front view

Egyptian King Tut Bust
8" H x 6.5" W   Cold Cast Bronze with finish as shown
$56 (less Internet discount of $20) = $36         (freight $14)
Howard Carter entered the antechamber of the long sought tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, but it was November 1924 before the antechamber had been cleared and he was able for the first time to peer by candle light into the royal chamber. He was struck dumb with amazement; he was looking at one of history's greatest archeological finds -- everywhere there was the glint of gold. Some time elapsed before the three coffins containing the mummy could be opened. When the third coffin was revealed, it was found to be of solid gold. Within that coffin lay the mummy of the 16 year old king, the face covered with a mask of superb craftsmanship. That mask, also of solid gold, was inlaid with glass and lapis lazuli. This reproduction is completed in the back and mounted on an alabaster base to display its magnificence. It is hand painted.