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Greek Horseman

Saint John


Apollo and the Muses

Venitian Masks

Blasting Horns

Seven Greeks

On Looking Woman

Cherub Relief - Winter


Emperor Plaque

Neptune Mask

Cherub Relief - Spring

Boys with Drums

Wind and Sun


Cherub Relief - Summer

Two Horsemen

Sun Wall Plaques

Horses Wild

Cherub Relief - Fall

Three Graces Relief

Oxford Faces

Belfast Four Figures

Parthenon Horsemen

Warriors and Slaves

Chariot of Fire

Urn Carriers

Triumphal Entry Babylon

Cherubs of Spring

Dying Lioness

Mystic Bear

Two Singing Cherubs

Victorian Arch

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Whether bas relief or high relief, your wall will come alive when one of these impressive works of art is hung on, or incorporated into your wall. Think about the wall space that you have that is available to transform the impact of your decor.