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Our matte black pedestals are all 11.5  inches x 11.5 inches  and available in three heights, 30", 36" and 42".  They are made of 1/2" MDF board that is laminated with the matte black lfinish layer with extremely tight joints.
Matte Black

These illuminated pedestals are the same as the standard matte black pedestals except they has the translucent top and are wired to take a 100 watt equivalent flourescent bulb.

If your art object requires a museum type cover to protect it from  dust and  unnecessary  handling, these  clear acrylic covers are available in two sizes.
Display Case

The illuyminated tabletop pedestals are made of fused acrylic and will support weights up to 35 pounds.
Illuminated Tabletop

The matte black tabletop pedestals are made of wood  with the black laminate finish and a polished marble top.
Matte Black Tabletop

This is a copy of a cathedral pedestal fabricated in rugged fiberglas
Cathedral Pedestal

These classic pedestals are available in a variety of  shapes and sizes.  Since they are made of fiberglass they are  light weight for shipping.
Classic Pedestals

Nine Muses Pedestal

Bocca Pedestal

Givrey Pedestal

Hungford Pillar

Pedestal 36

31" - Pewter

31" - Brass

27-1/2" - Copper

31-1/2" - Ornate - Copper

Twisted Rose Pedestal

Another fiberglass wall bracket that will enhance your wall.
Victorian Shell Bracket

Add interest and distinction to any  wall with a bracket such as this florentine bracket.  It is made of fiberglass
Florentine Bracket

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Pedestal type, size, and lighting are vital to the presentation of your art. The best pedestal choice will enhance your art rather than drawing attention away.