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We want you to be familiar
with the material that is used
to create your sculpture selection.
Bonded Marble
Both names apply to a similar material. In a process similar to casting bronze, a mold is created and cast with a cold mixture of marble dust and catalyzed resin which produces a dense, rock-hard material that is superior to natural marble for exterior exposure. Similar to cast bronze, much hand finish work by artisans is required to produce a quality piece of fine sculpture. Life size castings require complex equipment to cool the heat produced by the catalyzed resin. Cold Cast Limestone, Antique Lead, or Terra-cotta is created with a similar process but different colored mixture. Again, the result is a piece of sculpture that is excellent for exterior exposure to the weather.colored with a chemical and heat process patina.

Cast Bronze or Brass
The sculptor creates the work of art in clay, or wax. A flexible mold is made, capturing every detail. A wax cast is made in the mold, then finished and covered with a shell from dipping in a ceramic slurry. Molten metal is poured into the resulting shell, displacing the wax. The shell is then broken away and many hours of finishing labor are required to produce the finished work which may be

Techniques have been developed to produce copies of classic sculptural works of art from fiber-glass fiber and catalyzed resin. The end result is faithful reproduction of fine detail in a material that is extremely strong and weather resistant, yet at only a fraction of the weight of stone or synthetic stone. The Antique Stone Finish gives the appearance of carved marble at a fraction of the cost and freight cost. If you desire the weight and heft of stone, most of these pieces can be filled with sand when they are mounted. If you want classic art at affordable prices, this material deserves your thoughtful consideration.

Cold Cast Bronze
Following the same process as that above for bonded marble, the material cast is bronze powder mixed with a small amount of catalyzed resin. The resulting sculpture is essentially bronze, which has been cast using a "cold" or room temperature chemical bonding process. The finished work has the weight and appearance of solid bronze at a much lower cost.
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