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Neptune Mask

Sun Wall Plaques

Children Reading

The Thinker 22"

Three Garden Gnomes

Garden Buddha

Meditating Frog

Yoga Frog

Head of David, Large

Afriel Angel

Dedo Gargoyle

Wind and Sun

Alexis Head, Large

Belfast Four Figures

Apollo of the Hunt

Angel of Love

Bacchus of Pisa

Angel Birdfeeder

Male & Female Blocks

Corinthian Planter

Sanguine of Oxford

Melancholy of Oxford

Choler of Oxford


Tandem Bunnies

Frog on Bicycle

Cheating Frogs

Lucky Ducks

Pink Flamingo Pair

Flamboyant Flamingos

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Your garden can be a showcase for fascinating works of art. These outdoor statues belong in your landscaped setting.