Here are hundreds of statuary and sculpture figures crafted in rugged materials that are yet suprisingly affordable

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Sacred Art - madonna and child relief
Angels & Sacred
Sculpture for sacred places can inspire thoughts of peace, prayer and serenity. Placement in public or private spaces will enhance your world.

 royal roaring lion sculpture
Animal Sculpture
Gain inspiration from the power, nobility and beauty of nature. The sculpted life force of animals will stay in the minds of all observers of these art objects.

onlooking woman architectural wall art
Great architecture has included engaged statues, carved columns,and walls carved with bas-reliefs. Add three dimensional art to your building for visual impact.

William Shakespeare bust
Capture the likeness of an historic or famous individual. The visual effect will be a constant thoughtfull reminder of their character and greatness.

Classic Green Discus Thrower life size statue
Greek Sculpture
These statues show the technical skill of the great Greek sculptors in depicting realistic human forms. Included are items from the Hellenistic period.

Classic Roman Chariot sculpture
Roman Sculpture
Roman art was greatly influenced by the art of Greece and that of the Etruscans. Copies from the Vatican Museums are found here. Consider one of these in your setting.

Neoclassic sculpture - Spirit of the Dance
Neoclassic Sculpture
Here is an artistic revival of the styles and spirit of classical statues. Sculptors Canova and Thorvaldsen are included here. Take a look!

Egyptian sculpture - King Tut  - Tutankhamun Mask
Egyptian & Ethnic
Sculpture from the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt are world famous. This section also includes statues from Asia and Africa

Garden sculpture Garden statues - Neptune Mask
Garden Sculpture
Your garden can be a showcase for fascinating works of art. These outdoor statues belong in your landscaped setting.

Rodin The Thinker life size and other life size statues and sculptures
Life Size
You can be the proud owner of replicas of priceless figures that are the same size as the original. Your interior or outdoor setting awaits.

nude sculpture and nude statues male and female including lovers
Nudes & Lovers
Artists continue to find inspiration in the human form. If you think Michelangelo and Rodin were pornographers... skip this section.

Pedestals, plinths and illuminated bases for sculptural art
Pedestal type, size, and lighting are vital to the presentation of your art. The best pedestal choice will enhance your art rather than drawing attention away.

bas relief   high relief  wall art cherub four seasons
Reliefs / Wall Art
Whether bas relief or high relief, your wall will come alive when one of these impressive works of art is hung on or incorporated into your wall.

Auguste Rodin sculpture   the Cathedral
Auguste Rodin was noted for his portrayal of the human form. His innovative and sometimes controversial statues command attention around the world.

skulls craniums museum quality
Skulls / Museum
These museum quality replicas are both impressive and realistic. Here is an amazing collection in the Hominid Series of five craniums.
Murray's Bookstore in Spokane, Washington was selling books online in the Spring of 1995. Windows 3.1 and the Mosaic browser were the tools used to sell books before there was a website called Amazon. In addition to books we were selling small sculpture items from Italy that many customers bought to decorate their book shelves. The sculpture and art items became so popular that in January of 1998 we launched this website. At that time this site was an electronic version of the Eleganza Ltd. color catalogue of classic sculpture and statues from Italy. Out business grew rapidly as the Eleganza mail order catalogue sales fell into decline and the company went out of business. We continued to grow and provide sculptural art and life size statues to customers around the world. We strive to provide museum quality art that is affordable and appropriate for your setting or decor. Customer satisfaction is our goal. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason we will offer a full refund of the purchase price in the first five days following receipt. (special order or closeout items not included). Take a look at the two videos below to learn more about

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